Set #1

Score: 208 4/8


Monster sheds off same deer 1 year apart with right antler measuring 94 5/8 left antler 92 7/8 total gross score 208 4/8. Typical frame on right antler 87 3/8 left antler 81 4/8. These sheds match up extremely well and are great shape besides a bust flyer on backside of right antler G2

Shed #2

Score: 75 3/8

Price: email for price

Hog of a typical 5 pt shed. Main frame 4 pt scores whopping 72 6/8 G2 measures 12 1/8 Shed is dark, fresh and flawless

Shed #3

Score: 72 4/8

Price: email for price

This huge antler has one of the most perfect acorn tips I have ever seen. The shed has a 9 4/8 browtine backed up with a 13 2/8 G2. The typical 4 pt frame is 71 2/8. Shed was found in spring and holds great color and in excellent shape.

Shed #4

Score: 156


Huge 4 x4 with few extra kickers. Big bases, fresh and dark. Picked up days after dropped.

Shed #5

Score: 157

Price: email for price

Dandy 5 X 4 set with heavy base and dark chocolate bases. A real heavy set to hold

Shed #6

Score: 151


What you call a mini monster set. This deer has the makings of a world class sask whitetail. Makes a great display set. Fresh and in great condition.

Shed #7

Score: 83


Huge 6 point typical scoring 83 inches. Just a clean gorgeous antler. Lighter on color but no chips chews or breaks

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